We wanted to go and visit my grandma and aunt in Indiana, so Moo found a flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Indianapolis (IND) for 30K Southwest points, and added me using her Companion Pass for $5.60 each way. I told Moo I wanted to stay in Indianapolis the first night, then drive out to see my family the next few days, but I didnt tell her I found an amazing room for us to rent. We stayed at Sybaris, and had a pool INSIDE our room! Along with a jacuzzi, massage chairs and a steam/sauna room. She couldnt believe it when she opened the door, and it was probably the hardest secret for me to keep (I usually get excited and just tell her surprises). It was more expensive then the rooms we would normal stay in (or even look at), but it was a special occasion and she it totally worth it!

We drove out to stay near closer to my family and spent the next few days seeing my family, visiting covered bridges, and stopping off at the Amish grocery store.