Our nicknames for each other are Moo and Bull.

We are a recently married couple who fell in love with travel independently, then found each other and fell in love. As we continue to travel we wanted to create a place to post our memories/experiences, and hopefully help inspire others to stop waiting and just book a plane ticket! About 2 years ago we began to learn about how to maximize our credit card points to book once in a lifetime trips for cheap. We still look for cheap flights, hostels, and experiences, our main goal is to just get out and travel. We still work regular 9-5 jobs and have normal lives, we just make sure to take advantage of every vacation day and 3 day weekends that we get each year.

I decided to build this site to document my journey towards 100 flights with my wife because I realized we will pass the 1/2 way point during our Around The World honeymoon trip!

Moo always loves helping others who want information on places we have traveled to and writing reviews about food and experiences. I (Bull) love planning trips and trying to figure out the best way to use our points. We will both post so you can have different perspectives.